During my Trunk Show I provide the audience with a one hour lecture. I discuss my history as an artist and how I have become a quilt artist. My first drawing in 1995 became my longest to complete. It took 20 years to create the right piece. This becomes the foundation of my talk as I discuss how I discovered my artistic voice. With each chronological piece I explain how I solved problematic issues by using several techniques and how I developed my process. 

I bring with me 12 to 15 quilts, two or three full sized drawings and some of my early "mistakes" or UFO's to illustrate how they have changed the trajectory of my process. If I am working on a major piece of work at the time of the show, I bring it along unfinished to give an idea of how I am currently working. By the end of the lecture you will have a pretty good idea of how an artist works and creates her body of work. 

One hour lecture $350

No student limit 

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